Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've been couponing and like most "hobbies" I adopt, I have become OCD about the whole experience.

In my OCD of organzing and making everything simple, I have lost my binder with this week's coupons and ads. It's upseting because there were some store credits in there that are lost. I have gone back to the store multiple times inquiring if someone has turned it in. My name, contact info and reward if found are included within the documentation. Alas... still missing. :(

One site I have found and really enjoy, in addition to a couple others, is http://www.wildforwags.com/. Christy over at WildForWags posts deals and sales for Walgreens. I love this site because she gives scenario ideas with and without Register Rewards. She also has prizes she gives away... This week, she is giving away $25 in Register Rewards. This will come in VERY handy considering I have lost all of mine.

Please visit Christy over at WildForWags and learn how you can save on your personal care needs...